Encrypted Cache Key sounds mysteriously, doesn’t it? Let’s see what it is and why so many gamer dream about getting it. To put it simply, this is a very valuable reward you can get in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC. Get prepared for a difficult task, hours of work and wasted nerves, we are going to get that item!

Tasks you have to complete to get the encrypted key

First, a player needs to complete the main campaign. As soon as it is done, get ready to take part in the following missions: Heroic Strikes, Adventures, Nightfall Strikes, the Raid and the Raid Liars. Believe us, they are all extremely nerve-wrecking. After winning each of mentioned battles, you will receive the Rasputin Key Fragments. Then give these pieces of the Rasputin Key to Ana Bray. You need seven pieces to get the Encrypted Cache Key. Please, remember that you can hand in the Rasputin Key only once a week, that’s why it will take a lot of time. As you can guess, this is going to be a very long mission!

Decrypting Encrypted Cache Key

Thought it was difficult enough to get the key? Well, get ready to work even harder to decrypt it! We are not going to lie, this will be really challenging. To decrypt the key, take part in Escalation Protocols. The more time you spend in these Protocols the higher your chances are  to decrypt the key. Some gamers say that Escalation missions consist of seven different fights. Don’t stop until you get a message from the game that you get the decrypted key. To sum it all up, follow these steps:

  • do the escalation protocols;
  • complete 7-8 or more levels;
  • get a notification from the game.

The ways you can use the Decrypted Cache Key

Well, you have done a great job, the key is in your pocket! More important question is where and for what purpose you can use it. It seems that the game developers are not going to take it easy on players. To use the key, you need to conquer the Final Boss. If you manage to defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices, you will see a loot chest and some other exclusive rewards. As soon as you kill the Final Boss, your key will be decrypted. Then comes the moment when you can use the Decrypted Cache Key! It is needed to open the loot. Practically, this key is useless unless you need to open the final chest. To encourage you not to give up, the prizes you will find the chest are worth the trouble. As always, no pain, no gain. We hope you find this article useful and wish you good luck in decrypting your Encrypted Cache Key!