How to install a Wi-Fi range extender?

A Wi-Fi signal booster is an indispensable thing for those who need high-quality Internet everywhere and always. In this article, we will tell how to connect and use a Wi-Fi range extender.

The purpose of using the range extender

Modern wireless routers allow you to cover a significant amount of space with a Wi-Fi signal, however, some users face the problem of Wi-Fi signal attenuation in remote rooms of a large apartment or cottage. Of course, you can buy an additional router and expand the network. But there is a cheaper and more convenient way to do it with a compact range extender (repeater).

Wi-Fi extender is a special device that works on the principle of a standard antenna, which helps to bypass signal interference. The Wi-Fi extension can be used to amplify the signal in combination with a laptop and a router. Such devices will allow you to extend the range of the Internet signal, increase speed and work anywhere in the room. The extension cord for the Wi-Fi router is inexpensive; you can connect it and get quality gain. In addition, if desired, do it yourself. Equipment management is quite simple; there should be no problems with the work.

How does it work?

The principle of operation of the repeater is quite simple. The repeater receives Wi-Fi from the main router and transmits it, expanding the coverage area of the Wi-Fi signal. Simply No cables or complicated setup required. All you need to connect is a socket.

put, when a person with a laptop connected to the router’s wireless network is in the living room, but suddenly wants to move the laptop to the bedroom, then after moving to this room, the computer automatically switches to receiving Wi-Fi from the repeater, and the person will still continue to work on the internet without even noticing any changes. The same will happen with any other Wi-Fi-connected devices: smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.

Before connecting, it is recommended that you select a location with an acceptable connection speed. To do this, you can use a smartphone: look at the signal strength indicator or check how fast the video loads. Alternatively, check the speed directly using the online service.

How to set up?

For maximum efficiency, the extender still needs to be configured. The algorithm differs slightly depending on the manufacturer. We offer instruction for one of the most popular brands Asus repeater. You can configure both your computer and your phone or tablet.

In order to establish Asus extender to Walmart Wi-Fi router, for example, the following actions should be done:

  • you need to connect the Asus repeater to a computer or laptop via the RJ45 connector. It needs to be plugged into the LAN port used to create the local network;
  • turn off the wireless network on the pc. So he will not be able to accidentally connect to the main router;
  • when everything is ready: you need to enter the settings through the browser. To do this, in the address bar prescribe, then log in;
  • after successful authorization navigate to the menu. First, you need to change the mode of operation of the device. The default is a “wireless router”. You need to click on the inscription, and change it to “Repeater mode”;
  • select the name of the router, enter the password to access the main router, and click “Connect”;
  • when finished, the router menu will open in repeater mode and the network map.