How to be a good Christian? Many believers are searching for an answer for this particular question right now. So many of us are at a loss, we don’t know whom to listen to, whom to follow and whom to trust. It is not a secret that mass media often uses this confusion for its own benefits. There is so much manipulation that people fail to distinguish between true and false. So, what to do? Well, no need to dig too deep to find your truth! Everything you are looking for is waiting for you at oremus Bible browser.

Everything believers need to know about oremus

What is it?

  • It is something like a daily Christian prayer published online by Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw.

What does this word mean?

  • It can be translated as “let us pray.” This is a Latin term.

Who stands behind

Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw. By the way, they also maintain the site. If there are any problems with the site, you can write to one of them.

What’s the main purpose of the site creation?

Simon Kershaw and Steve Benner knew how difficult it was for people to find a certain prayer or a verse. Sometimes you just don’t have time for it! To help Christians study the Bible whenever and wherever they can, was created. The main mission of this project is “to nourish” worshipers in their “daily Bible reading and praying.” The idea proved successful, for the Anglican Communion uses oremus to this day.

The ways you can use oremus

It is supposed to be something like as a Daily Office which you can use in various circumstances. You can print it out to read it with your family members and friends or you can use it online. Only imagine a rather stressful day, you feel anger, bitterness and disappointment…How to cope with stress and get rid of negative emotions? Go to, take a few minutes, read a prayer and you will feel better. The main idea of this project is to show that God is always near you, that His love is always present in your life. It doesn’t matter where you are, He is by your side. If you have a chance, read every prayer peacefully and thoughtfully. Harmony will fill your soul and mind.

The main sources of oremus

If you have a closer look at the site, you will notice that it consists of numerous components. Here you can find Psalm, which is appointed according to an eight-week cycle. A lectionary part is formed on the Office lectionary. It provides one reading for each day. Start every morning with a cup of tea or coffee and a new story. Nourish both body and soul! Using this site, you will see how easy and enjoyable it is to be with God.