When ransomware attacks your device, you are in trouble. It encrypts your files and demands money to unblock them. That’s why you should be proactive and get anti-ransomware software before you find yourself in a similar situation. Let’s discuss the best 7 ransomware protection programs that can save your data from these threats.

The top 3 solutions to pick from

First of all, you should take a look at Check Point ZoneAlarm Anti Ransomware. It stands out offering high-quality ransomware protection. The independent testing labs have scored high as the program removed all traces from this malware in no time. What’s more, it’s a very user-friendly effective solution. However, the developer doesn’t offer a free edition and you’ll need to buy this service.

Secondly, you may try Acronis. It got the 2nd place because the program managed to miss one attack during testing. On the other hand, it’s still scored high and detected most threats (even Petya). The free program decrypts infected files. It also offers 5 GB of hosted online backup.

Finally, there is Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta. This software is very lightweight and doesn’t impact the system performance much. Also, it’s free, delivers good testing scores at detecting ransomware. The only issue with this tool is that several files can be encrypted before Malwarebytes spots and quarantines the threat.

Other solutions worth your attention

If the top solutions we’ve just discussed don’t appeal to you, take a quick look at other 4 decent options:

  • NeuShield Data Sentinel is capable of reversing the changes made by ransomware malware. It decrypts the data and blocks disk-encryption attempts. A user can also remotely break screen-blocking ransomware using this program. Be ready to pay a lot for the program and lose the changes made on the current day.
  • CryptoPrevent is the new version of the original CryptoLocker tool. It has such features as Folder Watch, Submit Malicious Files, HoneyPot Ransomware Protection, and KillEmAll v5 Integrations. They protect your valuable data from being encrypted. However, it has a rather confusing interface that takes some time getting used to.
  • Trend Micro RansomBuster is a free program that can detect encrypting ransomware in any folder. It recovers files and blocks unauthorized access to protect your files. Yet, independent testing has shown that it misses lots of threats.
  • Heilig Defense RansomOff is sure to spot all ransomware and recover files using its backup feature. The software also has an HIPS-Lite element that spots suspicious activities. It locks out all apps except the whitelisted ones. On the other hand, some features are completely unnecessary and it still misses some threats.

In conclusion, the market is full of free and paid ransomware protection programs. You may pick the one you believe to be the most reliable and trustworthy. However, it’s better to check the results of independent testing to verify the software catches all possible threats. Besides, some antivirus packages deliver this kind of protection as a part of the bundle. Learn if your program already has it to prevent installing unnecessary utilities.