Virtual Data Room for Business: What You Need to Know

Virtual data rooms began to appear at the end of the last century. The creators of these types of services were inspired by the simple processes of doing business in large businesses – then mergers and acquisitions were carried out in a large room, where it was difficult to maintain the confidentiality of data and easily work with documents. Read more

Now VDR technologies are quite simple, accessible, and understandable to most users. They can easily work with documents, prepare large transactions, prepare for a merger, enter the stock market, and so on.

Fact one: perfect protection against any attacks

The virtual data room is Fort Knox, where your documents will be protected from the most common types of cyber attacks:

  • DDoS attacks. These attacks flood systems with many requests, resulting in reduced throughput and systems becoming overloaded and unavailable.
  • Phishing. Phishing attacks are based on the use of emails that can be disguised as legitimate messages from various companies.
  • Brute force. Brute force attacks are a fairly simple method of infiltrating infrastructure and are “guessing” user accounts.
  • Bots. It is a software robot that mimics or replaces human behavior and performs simple tasks at a speed that exceeds user activity.
  • Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM). With this attack, the cybercriminal becomes a “third wheel” and passes all web traffic through himself. At this point, the potential victim is unaware of anything, which leads to the attacker having all the login credentials.

Now you don’t have to spend money on antiviruses or buy expensive server equipment – thanks to just one VDR; you will already win the war against hackers.

Fact Two: The Data Room Saves You Money

You pay for a service that employees can use from any device if they sign in to their account. You are also freed from the need to buy expensive server equipment, maintain it, and hire a special employee who would deal with it.

Fact Three: You can do a huge range of work in the data room

You can at least store documentation here. Thanks to various integrations into virtual rooms, they can also work with many types of files. This prevents data loss among company employees.

You can also conduct huge deals here, organize meetings, prepare for going public, and so on.

Fact four: you decide the level of access for each employee

You can independently configure who can view documents and who cannot, who has or does not have rights to edit them, and who can download them. This is convenient and helps protect files from falling into the wrong hands within the enterprise.

Fact Five: A virtual data room happens for any business

Modern providers offer a wide range of VDR services for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, even if you have a small business, you can easily find the right service.