If you are an avid video-game player and you like Counter-Strike and similar games, you must know a lot about weapons. Today, we’ll take a close look at Mac 10 and Mac 11 to define which one is better to use.

The description of MAC-10

According to the developer, it’s “Essentially a box that bullets come out of, the MAC-10 SMG boasts a high rate of fire, with poor spread accuracy and high recoil as trade-offs.”

The peculiarities of the gun in video games

In Counter-Strike, this weapon can only be used by Terrorists. It’s available for the selection of Counter-Strike games. Aside from that, this gun is used in many other video games including CS: GO.

It’s the 45th caliber and has 30/100 magazine capacity. The loaded automatic gun weighs 3.82 kilograms. Major disadvantages you must take into account are high damage dropoff & recoil as well as bad accuracy. That’s why you can seldom see this model during important completive plays.

In real life, these weapons have the same features and peculiarities. You can learn more about them separately to get a complete picture and comprehensive comparison. Now let’s take a quick look at some of the major characteristics that are similar and different for these guns.

What do Mac 10 and Mac 11 have in common?

Both MAC-10 and MAC-11 are compact and reliable guns that were developed by Gordon Ingram. Mac 11 is supposed to be a sub-compact version of the Mac 10. The American pistols have open sights with the rear pinhole sight welded to the receiver. The latter, however, is not popular in video games. While you might come across it, the choice is likely to lead to another model. Also, both models are inexpensive, easily accessorized, and easy to maintain.

The differences between the models

First of all, Mac 11 is more compact. It’s also much lighter. The construction has a thinner gauge of sheet metal than ensures the smaller weight of the gun. On the other hand, Mac 10 is bigger and heavier.

The guns also use different magazines. When Mac 10 uses steel magazines, Mac 11 can be supplied with both steel and Zytel mag.

Mac 11 is more prevalent and costs about half the cost of Mac 10. It is now becoming a collector’s item.

When you examine the table with features, you’ll notice slight differences that were caused by the main differenced discussed above.

What is better in use?

It’s hard to decide which one is better in use since they are very similar. Probably it depends on the preferences and goals. Some users find Mac 10 to be more refined and of better quality. it also has a better selection of available accessories. In case you need a 9mm gun, you should account for all the discussed above factors. They are likely to help you choose between Mac 10 and Mac 11. However, each model has some great advantages.