PC Matic is a complex solution meant to protect the computer and optimize Windows operating system, read more at https://bestantiviruspro.org/review/pc-matic-review/ post. Apart from anti malware software PC Matic has a set of functions to monitor and advance system performance.

PC Matic, developed by PC Pitstop, is a versatile computer protection program. It provides protection in real-time mode, shields devices from dangerous software, secures performance improvement and guarantees ad filtering. 

The fundamental protective component of PC Matic is SuperShield. It monitors the system in real-time mode and protects device from malicious software. SuperShield uses white list of approved programs and prevents unknown or unwanted software from running on your gadget.

PC Matic features

Below are the software’s features:

Computer protection in real-time mode;

Computer protection against unknown software based on white list;

Scan on demand (fast, full, optional);                 

Browser ads block;

Vulnerable apps and outdated drivers automatic update;

System cleaning form unnecessary files;

Registry error correction;

Internet settings optimization;

System settings optimization;

Disk defragmentation;

Processor, memory and disc performance tests.



The software does not block suspicious programs based on white list. Many antivirus programs support their huge lists of programs, which are well-known and reliable, but many programs use them in combination with other technologies.

For instance, Norton isolates any program, which is known to be rogue. If software does not fall into any category, Norton monitors the program more closely. After noticing any unwanted activity of the suspicious software antivirus blocks and isolates it.

The case is different with SuperShield. It applies white list in a different way. It adds all your existing software to the white list. When the unknown software appears, PC Matic asks the user, what it should do. If you actively install something new on your computer, then you simply let it continue. But if you didn’t expect this notification you block the unanticipated action.

Consistent with the reviews of PC Matic the ability of SuperShield to detect malicious software constantly increases.

What is so special about PC Matic?

Today, antivirus products mostly detect and remove rogue programs. Optimization functions are provided by the developers a bonus for users, and nothing more. PC Matic, however, demonstrates a completely different approach to computer protection. First and foremost, PC Matic is a software for tuning up a device; the anti malware software is only a small part of all features provided.

According to the reviews of PC Matic, its approach (white list) is the most unique tool against rogue programs. RDP Port Controls and Fileless Script Blocking are the extra features that will definitely ensure that your personal data is protected. PC Matic demonstrates really curious methods of addressing the online threats.

If you are searching for a new computer protection system you may want to try PC Matic and determine where you like its approach.