Onlyfans is a platform where creators can sell their content. The users are called fans, which explains the name of the site. Only fans have access to the content. You can’t just browse it like you do on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media. As you have probably guessed, pornography is not banned there. Though this site is very popular in the adult entertainment industry, you can also find various fitness instructors, chefs, musician and other artists there.

The business model of Onlyfans

Fans have to pay a monthly fee to be able to view the content. The site gets 20% while the content creators receive 80% of the total income, which is really not bad at all. For now, there 24 million registered users and this number is keep growing!

Things you need to know before registering

To become a creator, you have to register on the site. First, you will need to provide a selfie with your ID to prove that you are a real person. This is the moment when you have to think twice. If you decide to make adult content, you should understand that everything you post is going to stay online forever. Even if you do it once and then decide that it is not for you. There are people who steal content to use it for blackmailing in the future, some people do it just for fun. So, think carefully. Of course, Onlyfans has a feature that allows you to block people from certain locations, for instance, your hometown, but still there is always a chance that something will go wrong.

The way to become a successful creator

You have considered all pros and cons and decided to try your hand at it. If so, you might find these tips useful. Take a pen, it is time to make some notes! We prepared for you a list of Onlyfans hacks!

  • Make a great banner

Experienced creators suggest choosing both banner and profile photo in such a way, so that fans could guess what they might see if they subscribe

  • Use a bio section

Tell about yourself, don’t skip this section. Your profile is your chance to stand out! Remember that fans can’t see much until they subscribe.

  • Decide what your monthly subscription fee is going to be
  • Don’t do it if you need to earn quick money

The truth is that there are so many creators right now that it will be next to impossible to make quick money

  • Be consistent

If you post your stuff every Saturday, try to stick to it. Regularity is your best friend. By the way, the same rule can be applied to YouTube, Istagram, Facebook and whatnot. Your subscribers get used to the fact that you post your content on a certain day and expect it.

That’s it! Whatever kind of content you decide to make, good luck with that!