Encrypted cache key – what it is for and how to get it

Encrypted Cache Key sounds mysteriously, doesn’t it? Let’s see what it is and why so many gamer dream about getting it. To put it simply, this is a very valuable reward you can get in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC. Get prepared for a difficult task, hours of work and wasted nerves, we are going to get that item!

Tasks you have to complete to get the encrypted key

First, a player needs to complete the main campaign. As soon as it is done, get ready to take part in the following missions: Heroic Strikes, Adventures, Nightfall Strikes, the Raid and the Raid Liars. Believe us, they are all extremely nerve-wrecking. After winning each of mentioned battles, you will receive the Rasputin Key Fragments. Then give these pieces of the Rasputin Key to Ana Bray. You need seven pieces to get the Encrypted Cache Key. Please, remember that you can hand in the Rasputin Key only once a week, that’s why it will take a lot of time. As you can guess, this is going to be a very long mission!

Decrypting Encrypted Cache Key

Thought it was difficult enough to get the key? Well, get ready to work even harder to decrypt it! We are not going to lie, this will be really challenging. To decrypt the key, take part in Escalation Protocols. The more time you spend in these Protocols the higher your chances are  to decrypt the key. Some gamers say that Escalation missions consist of seven different fights. Don’t stop until you get a message from the game that you get the decrypted key. To sum it all up, follow these steps:

  • do the escalation protocols;
  • complete 7-8 or more levels;
  • get a notification from the game.

The ways you can use the Decrypted Cache Key

Well, you have done a great job, the key is in your pocket! More important question is where and for what purpose you can use it. It seems that the game developers are not going to take it easy on players. To use the key, you need to conquer the Final Boss. If you manage to defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices, you will see a loot chest and some other exclusive rewards. As soon as you kill the Final Boss, your key will be decrypted. Then comes the moment when you can use the Decrypted Cache Key! It is needed to open the loot. Practically, this key is useless unless you need to open the final chest. To encourage you not to give up, the prizes you will find the chest are worth the trouble. As always, no pain, no gain. We hope you find this article useful and wish you good luck in decrypting your Encrypted Cache Key!

Very brief history of a pound key

A pound key, a number sign, an octothorpe or just # has many different meanings. The younger generation probably doesn’t even know that this symbol as well as a star appeared on the telephones when telephones got buttons. They know a pound key as a hashtag! One might think that this little sign doesn’t deserve much attention, but this story is not only about a pound key but the great transformation that is happening right now!

The hashtag’s origin

The very first appearance of a pound key on Twitter happened 13 years ago on August 27. The idea of bringing a pound key to Twitter belongs to Chris Messina who had noticed that that symbol was used on other sites. What was more, he noticed that the sign was very helpful to users. He started analyzing the way Jaiku and Flickr work to learn how to incorporate pound keys into use of Twitter. The interesting thing was that not everyone was fond of using hashtags on Twitter. The funniest thing was that people complained about the way the sign looked. They called it ugly and distracting, many users refused to use it. Probably, they just didn’t want to put # every time they post a new tweet, probably users considered it too time-consuming. Chris Messina wasn’t ready to give up, he insisted that the hashtag would improve user experience. Mr. Messina’s original plan hasn’t been fully implemented. Yes, people use hashtags, all complaints are long-forgotten, but some of his ideas were dismissed. Nevertheless, he is still very proud of the job he has done.

How to get more from using Twitter hashtags

  • Hashtags give context

Hashtags can make your message clearer! Adding them, you give people context they need to understand the message correctly.

  • They help you to stand out

Let’s imagine you post a tweet on a serious problem you would like other people to know about. If you omit adding a hashtag, you lose your potential readers. It will take you a second to add it, but it will make a great difference. With right hashtags your post will be more visible.

  • Hashtags gather tweets on popular topics

Want to get the latest tweets about 2020 US presidential elections? Looking for info about the explosion in Beirut? All trending topics are already on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you follow a person who posts something on this or that topic you are interested in or not, if you follow a certain hashtag, you will see it in your feed.

Though hashtags are really helpful, please, don’t overuse them! According to the stats provided by Twitter itself, three and more hashtags in one post will most certainly diminish engagement on your tweet. It is more effective to choose one or two hashtags.

To be a good Christian

How to be a good Christian? Many believers are searching for an answer for this particular question right now. So many of us are at a loss, we don’t know whom to listen to, whom to follow and whom to trust. It is not a secret that mass media often uses this confusion for its own benefits. There is so much manipulation that people fail to distinguish between true and false. So, what to do? Well, no need to dig too deep to find your truth! Everything you are looking for is waiting for you at oremus Bible browser.

Everything believers need to know about oremus

What is it?

  • It is something like a daily Christian prayer published online by Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw.

What does this word mean?

  • It can be translated as “let us pray.” This is a Latin term.

Who stands behind oremus.org?

Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw. By the way, they also maintain the site. If there are any problems with the site, you can write to one of them.

What’s the main purpose of the site creation?

Simon Kershaw and Steve Benner knew how difficult it was for people to find a certain prayer or a verse. Sometimes you just don’t have time for it! To help Christians study the Bible whenever and wherever they can, oremus.org was created. The main mission of this project is “to nourish” worshipers in their “daily Bible reading and praying.” The idea proved successful, for the Anglican Communion uses oremus to this day.

The ways you can use oremus

It is supposed to be something like as a Daily Office which you can use in various circumstances. You can print it out to read it with your family members and friends or you can use it online. Only imagine a rather stressful day, you feel anger, bitterness and disappointment…How to cope with stress and get rid of negative emotions? Go to oremus.org, take a few minutes, read a prayer and you will feel better. The main idea of this project is to show that God is always near you, that His love is always present in your life. It doesn’t matter where you are, He is by your side. If you have a chance, read every prayer peacefully and thoughtfully. Harmony will fill your soul and mind.

The main sources of oremus

If you have a closer look at the site, you will notice that it consists of numerous components. Here you can find Psalm, which is appointed according to an eight-week cycle. A lectionary part is formed on the Office lectionary. It provides one reading for each day. Start every morning with a cup of tea or coffee and a new story. Nourish both body and soul! Using this site, you will see how easy and enjoyable it is to be with God.

Mac 10 and Mac 11: What is Better in Use?

If you are an avid video-game player and you like Counter-Strike and similar games, you must know a lot about weapons. Today, we’ll take a close look at Mac 10 and Mac 11 to define which one is better to use.

The description of MAC-10

According to the developer, it’s “Essentially a box that bullets come out of, the MAC-10 SMG boasts a high rate of fire, with poor spread accuracy and high recoil as trade-offs.”

The peculiarities of the gun in video games

In Counter-Strike, this weapon can only be used by Terrorists. It’s available for the selection of Counter-Strike games. Aside from that, this gun is used in many other video games including CS: GO.

It’s the 45th caliber and has 30/100 magazine capacity. The loaded automatic gun weighs 3.82 kilograms. Major disadvantages you must take into account are high damage dropoff & recoil as well as bad accuracy. That’s why you can seldom see this model during important completive plays.

In real life, these weapons have the same features and peculiarities. You can learn more about them separately to get a complete picture and comprehensive comparison. Now let’s take a quick look at some of the major characteristics that are similar and different for these guns.

What do Mac 10 and Mac 11 have in common?

Both MAC-10 and MAC-11 are compact and reliable guns that were developed by Gordon Ingram. Mac 11 is supposed to be a sub-compact version of the Mac 10. The American pistols have open sights with the rear pinhole sight welded to the receiver. The latter, however, is not popular in video games. While you might come across it, the choice is likely to lead to another model. Also, both models are inexpensive, easily accessorized, and easy to maintain.

The differences between the models

First of all, Mac 11 is more compact. It’s also much lighter. The construction has a thinner gauge of sheet metal than ensures the smaller weight of the gun. On the other hand, Mac 10 is bigger and heavier.

The guns also use different magazines. When Mac 10 uses steel magazines, Mac 11 can be supplied with both steel and Zytel mag.

Mac 11 is more prevalent and costs about half the cost of Mac 10. It is now becoming a collector’s item.

When you examine the table with features, you’ll notice slight differences that were caused by the main differenced discussed above.

What is better in use?

It’s hard to decide which one is better in use since they are very similar. Probably it depends on the preferences and goals. Some users find Mac 10 to be more refined and of better quality. it also has a better selection of available accessories. In case you need a 9mm gun, you should account for all the discussed above factors. They are likely to help you choose between Mac 10 and Mac 11. However, each model has some great advantages.

7 Best VoIP Adapters in 2020

VoIP adapters are very simple devices that perform one crucial function. They convert analog voice signals into digital IP packets. These files are sent over the IP network. To put it in plain words, it’s a bridge between the IP network and a desktop phone.

They can be categorized into 3 groups: a single FXS, a dual FXS, and an FXO/FXS. Pick a suitable option based on the telephone, router, POTS line, protocols, and codecs. Today, we’ll quickly examine the top 7 models of VoIP adapters in 2020.

The unconditional leader

Probably the best choice of the year is Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service. The best feature of this company is the PureVoice HD. Moreover, it’s integrated with the Amazon Echo. This device promises free nationwide calls of better quality, easy installation, and remote voicemail retrieval.

Other choices worth your consideration

  • Obihai Obi202 2-Port VoIP Phone Adapter

It is compatible with Google Assistant. One simple interface makes it user-friendly. Work with up to 4 services as it is very simple in terms of installation and usage. The model has 1 USB for the company’s accessories.

  • Grandstream GS-HT802

The model has 2 FXS ports and supports 2 SIP profiles. You can share it with somebody else. It also comes with good security features. A very compact model for those who don’t like bulky options.

  • MagicJack Go Digital Phone Service

You’ll get free calls within the country as well as to Canada. The device also stands out offering free calls to users with the same adapter brand. Calls in other regions have low rates. It’s the most portable model on the list that comes with a bundle of extras.

  • Obihai Obi200 1-Port VoIP Phone Adapter

It is an older version of the previously discussed model. It is compatible with Google Voice. It’s very easy to install and start using. What’s more, a user gets features like forwarding and waiting. The device has a USB input for Obihai accessories. The biggest advantage is that it lets you block nuisance callers.

  • Cisco SPA112 2-Port

This model stands out by delivering very affordable plans and distinctive ringtones. It’s a perfect solution for small business owners, especially home-based ones. Like most other models it has forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, etc.

  • Vonage Home Phone Service HT802-VD

The most affordable solution on the list. It has a small monthly fee and unlimited nationwide calls as well as calls to Canada and Mexico. The model has a dedicated app, phone number, and other features. One of the peculiar advantages is that voicemails can be transcribed and received via text or email.


Choosing a VoIP adapter, you should account for 4 main factors. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to keep on using your handset with the help of the web. As we’ve discussed above, you must pick a suitable model based on them as well as your preferences. You may also pick one of the top adapters of this year because they deliver the best quality of services at reasonable prices.

What is Protegent Antivirus and Why Do You Need It?

Protegent Antivirus is an internet security solution for businesses only. It was developed to protect confidential company’s data. Using two-tier antivirus and a set of security features, the program is supposed to protect from all sorts of online threats. Let’s discover more about the quality of this antivirus as well as take a quick look at other aspects like pricing, compatibility, etc.

The main features Protegent Antivirus has

Since its main specialty is businesses, the antivirus has a certain set of features you don’t usually see with average solutions. Protegent Antivirus offers:

  • Backup of settings, reporting, network structure, and license.
  • Centrally managed port access control.
  • Auto-generation of port numbers.
  • Credential manager.
  • Settings-based centralized management.
  • Expert option for administrations, etc.

The Internet is full of completely different reviews. Some think it’s a scam while others leave generally positive reviews.


Protegent Antivirus works on all Windows-running devices including XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Vista versions.

Product variations

There are 4 Protegent Antivirus solutions to choose from:

  • Protegent Antivirus Solution.
  • Protegent Total Security Solution.
  • Protegent 360 Complete Security Software.
  • Protegenet Enterprise Security Software.

The main difference is the set of features and the presence of malware protection against online threats like phishing sites, spyware, data leakage, etc. Three options can be also used for personal, at-home use. The 4th is for businesses only.

Protegent’s official website offers to install a free trial version to test the features and decide if you like the software enough to upgrade.

Email scans

Protegent Antivirus comes with an email protection feature that blocks scams and links to suspicious websites. It prevents viruses from getting to your device through letters. The feature only filters emails you get through MS Exchange or MS Outlook which makes it useless if you prefer more widespread options like Gmail or Yahoo.

Real-Time scans

Using this feature, the program makes sure your PC works on optimal speeds. The real-time scan automatically blocks threats, filters spam, and prevents data leakage, etc. It also keeps you protected when you surf the web.

Download protection

This antivirus solution blocks and removes malware downloading on your desktop or laptop. However, it isn’t proactive here and still lets you download it first. Compared to some other antivirus programs, this is a big disadvantage.


The subscription cost greatly depends on the type of software you pick. Simple Antivirus Solution costs $15 per year. Total Security Suite for Business costs about $25 per year. Complete Security Software is priced at $40 per year. Enterprise Security software is custom-priced and depends on the number of users.


Protegent Antivirus is an affordable solution for small businesses. It delivers decent protection from various malware and online threats. There isn’t enough data from independent testing labs to say more. It also has mixed reviews from the users. The peculiarity of this software is that it works only with Windows-running devices. In case you own a macOS device or a Chromebook, you won’t be able to use it.

What are the Best Ransomware Protection Tools?

When ransomware attacks your device, you are in trouble. It encrypts your files and demands money to unblock them. That’s why you should be proactive and get anti-ransomware software before you find yourself in a similar situation. Let’s discuss the best 7 ransomware protection programs that can save your data from these threats.

The top 3 solutions to pick from

First of all, you should take a look at Check Point ZoneAlarm Anti Ransomware. It stands out offering high-quality ransomware protection. The independent testing labs have scored high as the program removed all traces from this malware in no time. What’s more, it’s a very user-friendly effective solution. However, the developer doesn’t offer a free edition and you’ll need to buy this service.

Secondly, you may try Acronis. It got the 2nd place because the program managed to miss one attack during testing. On the other hand, it’s still scored high and detected most threats (even Petya). The free program decrypts infected files. It also offers 5 GB of hosted online backup.

Finally, there is Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta. This software is very lightweight and doesn’t impact the system performance much. Also, it’s free, delivers good testing scores at detecting ransomware. The only issue with this tool is that several files can be encrypted before Malwarebytes spots and quarantines the threat.

Other solutions worth your attention

If the top solutions we’ve just discussed don’t appeal to you, take a quick look at other 4 decent options:

  • NeuShield Data Sentinel is capable of reversing the changes made by ransomware malware. It decrypts the data and blocks disk-encryption attempts. A user can also remotely break screen-blocking ransomware using this program. Be ready to pay a lot for the program and lose the changes made on the current day.
  • CryptoPrevent is the new version of the original CryptoLocker tool. It has such features as Folder Watch, Submit Malicious Files, HoneyPot Ransomware Protection, and KillEmAll v5 Integrations. They protect your valuable data from being encrypted. However, it has a rather confusing interface that takes some time getting used to.
  • Trend Micro RansomBuster is a free program that can detect encrypting ransomware in any folder. It recovers files and blocks unauthorized access to protect your files. Yet, independent testing has shown that it misses lots of threats.
  • Heilig Defense RansomOff is sure to spot all ransomware and recover files using its backup feature. The software also has an HIPS-Lite element that spots suspicious activities. It locks out all apps except the whitelisted ones. On the other hand, some features are completely unnecessary and it still misses some threats.

In conclusion, the market is full of free and paid ransomware protection programs. You may pick the one you believe to be the most reliable and trustworthy. However, it’s better to check the results of independent testing to verify the software catches all possible threats. Besides, some antivirus packages deliver this kind of protection as a part of the bundle. Learn if your program already has it to prevent installing unnecessary utilities.